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Name:High impact rotating nozzle
Material:316L ss
Spray angle:270°, 360°
Max. cleaning diameter:see table
Max. operating temperature:80°
Operating pressure:3-7 bar
Installation:operation in any direction is possible
Application:for the rinsing and cleaning of vessels, tanks and machines e.g. in food industry, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry
Filtration:line strainer with a mesh size 80/100 mesh
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Design feature:
1. Controlled rotation
2. Pressure range up to 20 bar
3. Driven and lubricated by the cleaning fluid
4. Reliable slide bearing
5. Low-wear design, long life bearing

The liquid flow powers the head by an internal turbine. Either a gear reduction or a hydraulic brake is used to
control the rotation. Hence the produced droplets are bigger and hit the tank wall with higher velocity. This
keeps the speed of the head within its optimal range across a wider span of pressures, and the nozzles
develops more powerful spray.
The new rotating nozzle works very powerfully and efficiently based on the controlled rotation.Compared to
conventional rotating cleaning cycle nozzles, time can be reduced considerably,This saves cleaning fluid, energy

costs and time.

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