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Name:Factory supply drinking water precision entry bag filter
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Manufacturing process:Stainless Steel Materials
Scope of application:Wine,Mineral water,Drinking water
Surface treatment:Electrical polish,Mirror polish,Sand polish ,Aicd washing,2B
Nominal pressure:ATM~1.0MPa

Product Description

Multi bags filter, for some coarse filtration and pre-filteration process

Standard No. 01 bag or 02 bag, the standard model for 2 ~ 12 bags, and the maximum production customized to 24 bags can basically meet the requirements of various types of flow

Large flow, Long service life.
The unique three-point clamp device ensures good sealing and avoid liquid side leakage
The filter housing can add swing arm and the eyebolt or quick-open design, operating conveniently and economically.
Food and beverage; bio engineering and pharmaceutical; petrochemical and chemical; automobile manufacturing; petroleum and natural gas; electronic and natural gas; coating, paint, printing ink; nuclear power and thermal power and waste water filtration; liquid and gas purification of liquid and gas.

Compact designcan reduce occupied space and the loss of liquid

Side entry and bottom out ensure that liquid medium can be completely discharged, the tangential position outlet, discharging pollution thoroughly, is convenient to be operating.

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