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Name:Food and beverage industry precision liquid filter
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Manufacturing process:Stainless Steel Materials
Scope of application:Wine,Mineral water,Drinking water
surface treatmen:Electrical polish,Mirror polish,Sand polish ,Aicd washing,2B
Nominal pressure:ATM~1.0MPa

Product Description

Precision liquid filter is a large flow and multi cartridges sanitary liquid filter, can meet the requirements of different sizes of flow rate.

The structure design and manufacture is in accordance with the sanitary grade.There is no dead corner, meeting" GMP" standard.This product is easy to clean, draining thoroughly, no residual liquid. 
For strict cleaning application, the filter face plate can bedesigned tobe disassembled to achieve full angle cleaning

•       The ultra high level of polishing, the inner surface polished to 0.3μm Ra. the outer surface to reach 0.4μm, the absolute hygienic level polishing.
•       Dealing with large flow, compact design saves space
•       The design of side in bottom out ensures that the particles can be completely removed .At the same time,tangent outlet makes sewage discharged thoroughly, and workersoperate easily. 
•       Formore than 15 cartridges filter housing,the swing arm andeyeboltor quick open are optional design tooperate easily. Also it is aeconomical and practical design.

•       Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of antibiotics and other liquid filtration.
•       Food and beverage industry: wine ,mineral water, drinking water filtration.

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